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WordPress Hosting Provider WP Engine To Expand in Europe

The technology news website TechCrunch announced that WP Engine, a popular provider of WordPress Hosting services, has received $15 million in growth funding from North Bridge Growth Equity. The company will be using the funds to expand its operations in Europe. WP Engine is founded in 201 in Austin, Texas and is currently hosting 120,000 websites.

According to Heather Brunner, a CEO of WP Engine his company "experience hyper-growth as a business" and the new investment will enable it to accelerate its platform”. His company raised $18.2 million in funding to date and after the latex investment it plans to double its employees to 200 and to open office in Europe by 2015.

The company recently  acquired the WordPress Hosting business of Crowd Favorite, called CloudMoxie. According to TechCrunch the move has been related to customer acquisition, not an investment in technology or or in human resources.


100 Mbps Unmetered Dedicated Servers On Discount From Host Color

The web hosting provider HostColor.com has launched a promotional campaign on unmetered bandwidth dedicated servers hosted in its U.S. data center, based in South Bend, IN, 90-miles from Chicago. Now website owners who manage high traffic web sites an applications can get a dedicated server with 100 Mbps quality unmetered bandwidth at discounts price. The code 100MBPS will cut their monthly bills for "Dedicated 100 Mbps Unmetered" hosting plan of Host Color with 42.7%.

The customers of "Dedicated 100 Mbps Unmetered" server plan can also take advantage of the Content Delivery Network (CDN) options that Host Color has recently added to service. One of them is the CloudFlare CDN which can be added as a free option to the dedicated server accounts.

CloudFlare’s CDN operates from 14 data centers worldwide. It makes possible for visitors of websites hosted in Host Color's network to open web pages from the nearest point, which makes the website loading very fast. The technology used by the CDN provider compresses the data on the websites and stops illegitimate requests, so the servers concentrate on legitimate traffic.

The benefits of using the CloudFlare’s CDN service on HostColor.com Dedicated Hosting account feature: faster website load on web browsers, lower CPU usage, bot and threat protection, spam comments protection, alerting visitors of infected computers, and improved total website performance. A test with the fist accounts which have activated CloudFlare on Host Color’s servers showed that websites load very fast on a web browser. The also have a lower ping time from 60 major IT regions including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and more.

Host Color operates a fully-redundant, 100% uptime SLA guarantee network in a high-class data center located 90 miles from Chicago in South Bend, Indiana. The strategic location and the fully-redundant network operated by Host Color ensure lowest possible latency to any point in North America and Europe.


Thousands Of Websites Hosted With Distribute.IT Lost

Thousands of websites have been lost after the servers owned by Australian web hosting provider Distribute.IT were compromised. It seems that 4800 accounts are entirely unrecoverable after a massive cyber-attack. This is the latest hit of a set of attacks against corporations and websites over the past few months. the responsibility is bared by a hacking groups called themselves "Anonymous", "LulzSec" and others. The hackers have attacked Sony and Nintendo and also brought down some government websites.

The Australian hosting provider has been forced to communicate through a Google Blog after its own website was unreachable, informed its customers that data contained on four separate servers was unrecoverable.

“While every effort will be made to continue to gain access to the lost information from those hosting servers, it seems unlikely that any usable data will can be salvaged from these platforms,” it said yesterday.

“In assessing the situation, our greatest fears have been confirmed that not only was the production data erased during the attack, but also key backups, snapshots and other information that would allow us to reconstruct these servers from the remaining data.”

According to different sources within the industry, the company probably does not have enough resources to transfer the compromised 4,800 domains and accounts to new servers.

A dot-com entrepreneur Milan Rajkovic, who runs web hosting and domain name registration company "Milan Industries", said he has already lost clients over the debacle. His company used to use Distribute.IT as a wholesale domain provider and the attack caused a lose of clients for him, because his company wasn't able to make DNS changes on the registered domain names.

Another Internet business owner Dean Turnbull, who runs an IT support firm, said that was also affected and was unable to access information for his own domain names registered by Distribute.IT. Turnbull said he also works for another company that has lost access to 200 domain names.

“The problem with Distribute.IT is that they’ve grouped in all of their own infrastructure in the same backup methodology. So they’ve lost a whole lot of customer data, but their company has also gone down because the two weren’t separated”, says Mr. Turnbull.

The recent attack on the Distribute.IT domain and hosting provider came as the Australian government prepared to adopt a new law into Parliament that would strengthen cyber-security laws.

The new laws should allow law enforcement to do more on tracking down cyber criminals. The legislation comes in response to the growing number of cyber attacks that have affected both larger corporations and small and medium businesses.